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Practical Magic

October 3, 2016

I’m back with a brand new 8tracks playlist along with some news! Over the last few months a friend of mine and I have been working on getting a new blog up and running for the fall. It’s not quite ready to be launched yet but here’s a little sneak of some of the things we’ll be doing. All throughout the season we’ll be releasing playlists based on witches. Along with a variety of other lifestyle posts. Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for more places to find us.

Check out our first playlist and let us know what you think!

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Falling In Love With Fall

September 24, 2014

Today I went to the store in hopes of finding a wreath for my front door and ended up leaving with far too many decorations than I needed. And yet now that I have them up, it was only enough to decorate my dinning room and now my living room looks bare. I forgot how much I loved decorating, how much I enjoy transforming my space into one that welcomes the next season. Which takes me back to why I love fall so much. The transition from fall to winter is slow and filled with thousands of colors, smells, tastes, and so much more.

Once fall hits, I know its time to pull out all of my favorite candles and get the oven ready to start baking. This year I’m going to try and go with a much more healthier route. I’ve been trying to cut out as much processed food as I can. In doing so, I’ve discovered how much I love quinoa and mixing it with all sorts of vegetables. The next thing I’ll be trying to bring into my diet is kale.

I’m going to wind this post up now, otherwise I’ll end up going into detail about the dinner party I want to plan for early November.