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Our neighborhood has been suffering from some serious crime related issues. I wanted to share a few things I currently use to help porch pirates and backyard bandits away from my home. Home security is a big business nowadays and can become a budget breaker, but it doesn’t have to be. Also, many think that they are complicated to set up. Newer products make it even easier to secure your home. Putting a few cameras with motion detection and automatic lights can be both simple and cost effective.

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Security Products I Recommend

First of all, I should mention that these products are based on my preferences. If you are not a fan of Amazon and/or do not want to use an Echo then there are plenty of other products and companies to choose from. I will have a list of some other options at the end of the article. I went with Ring because I already had an Echo and used the Alexa app. Combining these two along with my Govee smart home products I have created a simple and easy to use secure smart home.

Ring Doorbell

I currently use a Ring Video Doorbell. Any type of camera doorbell will help to deter people from taking your packages, but it will also help you catch a glimpse of the person if they’re bold enough to steal your package anyway. Outside of keeping track of your packages, a doorbell camera has many other uses. It will allow you to see exactly what the landscapers are doing. Since issues with the landscapers have been an ongoing problem this could help the neighborhood keep them accountable. The doorbell camera can also help catch if someone is going through your vehicle.

Another thing to remember about doorbell cameras is that they can assist other neighbors. When a crime occurs in the neighborhood, police will often go to neighbors with doorbell cameras to see if it picked up anything.

Ring Floodlight Cam

I recently replaced the light fixture by my backdoor with a Ring Floodlight Cam. It was pretty simple to set up. The camera monitors for motion just like the doorbell and alerts me on my phone when it is detected. At night, the flood lights will automatically turn on when motion is detected and that will hopefully cause anyone trying to sneak in to leave my property.

One of the options I love about these is the ability to turn the light on or off from anywhere in my house. I can simply say “Alexa, backyard light on” and my Echo will turn on the lights. This is perfect if you happen to hear a noise (maybe someone outside your gate) but the motion detection hasn’t picked anything up yet.

More Helpful Security Products

An Amazon Echo Show is a great addition to your home. Not only can it be used as a camera itself but you can easily access the video feeds from your cameras. You can also do this if you have a FireTV or a FireStick plugged into your TV.

One of my favorite features about Amazon Echo is that you can set up a routine called Guard. When it is active your Echo will listen for the sound of breaking glass or your smoke detector alarm and alert you through the Alexa application on your phone. This gives you a layer of home monitoring without a monthly fee.

If you want to take your security up a level then you can add a Ring Alarm Kit. I currently do not use this and cannot give any details on it. However, it can be a great budget option that you can self install to give you a better peace of mind. The main reason I suggest this is because Ring now offers an Outdoor Contact Sensor that works along with the alarm kit. These can be attached to your gate to alert you when its been opened.

Other Brands To Consider

  • eufy Security
  • Blink
  • WYZE
  • Google Nest
  • Arlo

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