Music Monday: Cover Me Vol. 2

Cover Me vol. 2 album cover

What is it about cover songs that makes us love them so much? Part of me thinks it’s the nostalgia that we get hit with when we hear them. Of course, cover songs can be really hit or miss depending on who is doing the listening.

Cover Me Vol. 2 is my second covers playlist (there’s a link at the end of this post to the first) that features what I like to call a harder version of the song. It starts out with an industrial metal version of “You Spin Me Round” by 3TEETH. That should give you a feel for what is coming next. Other song’s like HEALTH’s “Blue Monday” and VOWWS’ “Womanizer” really flow through the decades with one thing in common. Whether the song is harder or darker, the playlist evokes an eerie look back at some of my favorite hits.

While my first covers playlist focused on hard rock, volume two has an electronic influence. The songs featured are from some of the biggest names in industrial rock and industrial metal. Sprinkled in are some tunes that are more true to the electronic genre, as well as modern post-punk.

Let me know what you think and if you have some favorite cover songs, leave them in the comments!


You can find my first Cover Me playlist here. Check out my other Music Monday playlists here.

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