American Horror Story Hotel

It’s been a really long time since I was able to instantly get into a show and with my complete lack of interest in the last season of AHS I wasn’t really sure how Hotel was going to stack up. Let’s just say that I was blown away in the first ten minutes of the premiere and as the show progressed I knew I was going to fully enjoy this season. Not only does that have to do with the cast of Hotel, which is amazing, and the story this season is right in my interest niche; but its the music so far that I fully believe has made the show for me. Its very rare to find something so full of beautiful goth rock and new wave inspired sounds but that’s what the episodes have been full of and it lends itself back to the show. The story, the wardrobe and the music are all tying in beautifully and I haven’t been happier for a show in a very long time.

Its inspired me to make a few playlists on 8tracks inspired by the show. Some of the songs from the first two episodes pop up in there as well as different songs from artists have have already been featured. I have a second playlist done and a third on the way all with my hopeful picks I’d love to hear in one of the episodes.

You can take a listen to the first playlist here: 

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